Our Expertise and Skills are Oriented to Services to Wireless Network Operators, Telecoms Equipment Providers, Telecoms Engineering Schools, Consulting Entities in Digital Services…

The Objective

  • Our Objective is to Cover all Needs of our Customers Regarding Engineering and Telecoms Expertise E2E by Providing the followings:
  • Local Competent Technical Support Solutions in order to Guarantee their Network Total Control E2E.
  • Solutions Based on 3GPP Compliance all Technologies : 2G/3G/4G/5G.

Engineering & Expertise Telecoms E2E

  • The Experience Return of Our Experts Telecoms Engineers E2E From the Greatest Wireless Network Operators Worldwide.
  • We are Supporting our Customers in the E2E Global Solutions Elaboration inluding: Mobiles (User Equipment), Radio Access, Core Network, Transport and Appliations.
  • We are Supporting in the following : Network Design and Dimensioning, Network Performance and Quality of Service.
  • We are Validating the Main 3GPP Functions or Features on our Customer Networks.
  • We are Performing the Expertise of the Main 3GPP Functions or Features on our Customer Networks.

Technical Supports & Trainings/Seminars

  • We have Tools and Means Allowing to Trace/Monitor/Analyze All the Network Interfaces to Output Relevant Diagnosis on the Root Causes of Performance and Quality of Service Issues.
  • We are Providing Technical Support to our Customer during their Offer Elaboration.
  • We are Proposing Trainings/Seminars Sessions on the 3GPP Major Telecoms Functions towards Wireless Network Telecoms Engineers and Telecoms Engineering School Students.
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