Our history


Who are We?

  • We are Coming from Telecoms Leader Enterprises.
  • We have the Skill & Knowledge of all Network Elements regarding the following Domains : User Equipments, Radio Access, Core Network, Transport and Applications.
  • We have 3GPP Standards Skill & Knowledge.
  • JR & AHMC Consulting is made up of Experts Telecom E2E Engineers who have worked on all the Greatest Wireless Networks Worldwide All Technologies 2G/3G/4G/5G;
  • JR & AHMC Consulting is made up too of some Engineers Specialized in Trainings;
  • JR & AHMC Consulting is made up also of some Engineers Specialized in Maintenance;
  • JR & AHMC Consulting is made up also of some Engineers Specialized in Cyber Space.
  • Some of those Engineers have worked during 40 years respectively in the following companies : France Câbles & Radio, SCII Informatique & Réseaux, SEMA-GROUP, Alcatel-CIT, Alcatel-Lucent, NOKIA.
  • Boubacar COULIBALY is the Creator of JR & AHMC Consulting. He is an Expert Telecoms E2E Engineer All Technologies 2G to 5G and onwards.
  • Boubacar has operated on all the Greatest Wireless Networks Worldwide.
  • Boubacar has been Recognized for his Work on all the Supported Networks.
  • Boubacar got Several Excellence Awards during his long career all Technologies.
  • Boubacar has obtained all the French Honor Medals dedicated to Work : Silver, Ruby Red, Gold and Grant Gold.
  • Boubacar has got also the Recognition from his peers Worldwide.

Functions & Job Positions

  • Telecom Expert E2E 2G/3G/4G/5G; Tests Systems Engineer; Project Technical Support ;
  • Solutions Architect ; Network Designer ; Transport Backbone Architect & Designer IP/MPLS ;
  • Expert Small Cells Multi-Standards 3G & 4G; Expert RF PIM Passive-Intermodulation 4G;
  • Internet of Things (IoT/M2M) Expert (CATM); CTO Chief Technical Officer; Interworking Expert; Interworking Team Manager; Technical Project Manager;
  • Tendering Project Manager; Operations Project Manager; CTA Customer Technical Advocate; Tests Pack Responsible ;
  • Expert System Unix/Linux; Software Development Engineer; Website Designer; Copywriter.

Our Objective

  • Our Objective is to Satisfy all our Customers thanks to Exceptional Services.
  • Mainly for Telecoms Operators by Supporting Them in the following :
  • Their Offers,
  • Their Performance & QoS Issues Troubleshooting to Find Out the Root Causes,
  • Their bought Telecoms Functions Expertise according to 3GPP Compliance,
  • To be their Interface in Front of Providers Experts.
  • For Specialized Telecoms Engineers Schools by doing the following:
  • Providing Seminars or Trainings on the 3GPP Major Telecoms Functions,
  • Mainly to allow them to Experiment the Live Network.
  • We are Excellent in All Domains we are covering.
  • Contact-us to have more information about our services -> contact@jr-ahmc.com
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